Handmade Rustic Wooden Chandelier - Wood Beam Industrial Pendant Lamp

£ 179.00

A beautiful rustic chandelier handmade in our workshop in Norfolk, UK. Featuring a wooden beam of solid beech, suspended from two cast iron hooks on steel chains. It will be a perfect match to your existing solid wood furniture or a great complement to painted wood or modern style of interior surfaces.

All fixing parts for installation are provided. You can run the lead cable trough one of the ceiling hooks, acting as a ceiling rose and a hook at the same time (as in the photo) or you can connect the lead cable to your existing ceiling rose and use the two hooks only for the chains.

Can be used to a great effect above kitchen islands or tables. A group of 2 or 3 chandeliers with the beams parallel to each other can be used in larger rooms or bars / restaurants / offices. 

Weight: about 5 kg
Beam length: 90 cm
Beam thickness: 8 cm
Chain length: 30 cm
Total drop: about 80 cm

    The default drop of about 80 cm from the ceiling to the bulb sockets can be altered by hanging the beam to a different link on the chain. It also depends on the way you wrap the five socket cables around the beam. You may decide to cut the chains using metal saw or grinder. If you need longer or shorter chains please let us know and we'll supply them in your required length for free.

    The five E27 bulb sockets are wired with black fabric twisted cables that can be wrapped around the beam freely. Please note: bulbs are not supplied. We recommend retro style Edison bulbs in your preferred shape - large globe (G95 - pictured), globe, teardrop, etc. Tungsten or LED filament, with E27 screw base up to 60 watts.

    Why choose us?

    1. Great craftsmanship and customer service. True solid beech wooden beam, not hollow.
    2. Quick UK delivery, no need to wait 1 month for an import. Hassle free return policy.
    3. We ship from UK and there is no import tax. Similar large items from China cannot avoid customs scrutiny and will surprise you with import VAT, duty and customs handling fee on arrival in UK, adding up to 30% on top of the price already paid.